It is one of the biggest events of Coimbatore Nominations for the award starts from the month of December, Self nominations are allowed. During the year of 2018, nominations were made in person with the help of college students. The students did several ground works for collecting and scrutinizing the nominations. It was hosted by Zee Tamil fame Archana. The Grand Award Ceremony was on 10th March. The iconic and year awardees of 2018 left us with inspiration and motivation. Amidst the haunting situations of health crisis, past experience, haunting past, failure, depression and betrayal, they had their own fuel of optimism which helped to become what they are today. The women on the dice of WWW award ceremony took up every possible profession from graveyard work to co-pilot



Zee Tamil Fame Anchor

Ms.Sindhu Shyam

Film and Serial Actress

KWW 2K18 iCON's

KWW 2K18 Year Awards