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Mrs.Bhanumathy – Mechanical woman :  She can be termed the most perfect wife by all the means. She wanted to share all the aspects of life with her stronger half. As the saying goes by An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, she didn’t want to sit idle. She wanted to share the burden of her spouse after finishing the household chores. This wonder woman has won several awards. She started doing magics in vehicles since 1995. She says the most difficult times of their life were made simple because they were together. She learnt to remove the primary vehicle parts, wash and refit them from her husband and as days passed she started repairing vehicles on her own. She never stopped wanting to be held, she never stopped enjoying her career, she never stopped desiring to be desired, she never stopped longing for the sincerity in every aspects of life. Why? Because life every wife, She’s always a woman. She always wear an elegant smile and a cute shyness. KWW takes up the utmost pride of honoring this adorable women with Kovai Wonder Woman Year Award 2021.

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