Nothing is impossible for believers

 Alice Priya Xavier – Cinematographer. Started as a wedding photographer to first woman Cinematographer in Indian cinemas to now an assistant director. Women aren’t good photographers, is one of those stereotypes prevailing even now. Some looked at her with surprise and some other people with a weird look but nothing could suppress her zeal. It is not about men or women, it is always about personality with commitment. She provides an inspiring reminder to all women that the choice to see, or be seen, is ours. Everything that she has now is solely her own earnings. She didn’t earn a living, she designed her life. Direction is one of her passion and she is making her footprints set in all her fields of interest. KWW wishes her all success in all her future endeavors and is prouder to have presented her Kovai wonder woman Year Award 2021 ! Celebrating Womanhood!

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