A girl is compared to an angel , a boy is compared to a bold character and here we got an angelic bold person

A recipe has no soul , she as a cook is bringing soul to the recipes and she is most popularly known for her Biriyani and she is fondly known in and around Kovai for the magic in her hands. It is never the food but the love that is going into making it. If making biriyani is an art, Ms.Selvi is the Picasso of it. Selvi’s early life was not a bed of roses. As like every other transgender women she had faced a lot of struggle and rejections. She was embraced to a very great extent in her early life due to the so called Society living. She went abroad to feel some difference and there she realized that she has to be back to the sunshine where she belonged to. Though she regrets of missing her education, she is very optimistic to make every chance as a fruitful opportunity. Trying all sought of jobs, she figured out what she was passionate in. She became an inspiration to a lot of women like her and gave job opportunities to them in her Catering Service. This super strong women entrepreneur is super cool and highly elegant who behaves as normal as normal can be. KWW is pleasured to have met such a grounded and down to earth woman and takes up the utmost pride of honoring her with Kovai Wonder Woman Year Award 2021.

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Ms.Vanitha Rengaraj

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