Oratory is a masterful art

KWW wondered seeing this budding orator. Nothing is so unbelievable that this orator can make it acceptable. As they say, the secret of getting ahead is getting started, Aswath Benazir started her journey as an Orator from a very young age. Currently she is a Sixth grade student and she has been to several stages and backed several awards. Wisdom has nothing to do with age is once again proved by her. The budding orator says that the greatest glory in life is not never falling but raising each time we fall. Tamil looks even more brave when she begins to orate. She looks like a blessed speaker who can inspire and motivate the people through her words. She thanks her mother and father for what she is today. KWW feels proud to have celebrated this women’s day with a budding women. KWW is honoured to present her the Kovaiwonderwoman Year Award 2021 .

Watch on : https://youtu.be/iF2pNyEi0OI

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