Passion will give our wings the strength to fly

Pink Taxi

Breaking every odd stereotypes against women driving, here are our super women who avails cab services for women. It is all she and her car. Pink Taxi squad is made of owner cum drivers ensuring smooth and safe rides for women. The squad is absolutely like butterflies with a perfect work life balance, creating an identity for themselves. They spread hope, light and smiles among women. They feel every woman travelling in their cab should feel empowered while travelling with them. Driving has always been a minefield in the bottle of gender and KWW is happy as this Squad has proved it all wrong. It’s not about a man or a woman, anyone with determination can fly high. Passion will give our wings the strength to fly and the Team of Pink Taxi is an ideal example for that. KWW is overwhelmed is honoring Pink Taxi Squads Red Taxi with Kovai Wonder Woman Year Award 2021.

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