Beauty has nothing to do with skin color

Achieving in a single field, straight and focused, is itself challenging. How about when we introduce you to our Dusky wonder woman, who is a Dentist by profession, An International pageant title holder who has won multiple awards including a the coveted Mrs. India and a cancer awareness creator. What do we call her? Achiever of achievers?!

Introducing Mrs. Gayathri Natarajan, Gayathri Natarajan who says, she lost her mother to Breast cancer. Seeing her mom struggle, she wanted no more women to die in such a painful way! Palliative care which creates positivity to cancer recovering patients, is what Mrs. Gayathri Natarajan stresses on and is currently focusing.

Also she inspires women to come out of the complex of duskiness, which she says has taken her to international platforms! She strongly believes if a woman does not loses her confidence and trust in herself, even sky is not the limit !!

She started learning Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music, veena & Swimming from the age of five. She has performed at over 400 stage shows across India and also is a national swimming champion.
“Societal conditioning makes one believe that fair skin is beautiful. I feel proud about my dark skin. I want to be a role model and make every single woman who is dusky to feel confident about it.” She also won two other titles — Best Catwalk and Face of South India — at the event that had over 50 participants from India and a few from Germany, Russia, the UK and the US.

KWW witnesses utmost pride and inspiration in recognising this Wonder Woman.

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