Do not waste food , millions of hands are waiting for it

Mrs. Latha Vennila – Social Activist

This social activist, since 2014, can be fondly called a mother for she feeds a many in hunger each day. She, knowing that hunger is a weapon of mass destruction decided to vanish it. She never considered overcoming social poverty as a gesture of charity but more a responsibility. Her types of Rays are food to poor; hope to failure and love to lonely. She has won several awards in the past years for her solely works. She says that she expects only self satisfaction from being a social activist. During the pandemic Lockdown she has served nearly 100 to 150 home made food packets everyday. She takes care of homeless elderly and become a hope for living in their life. Do not waste food, millions of hands are waiting for it ~ is all she wants to say. Wasting food is stealing from the poor. She is an inspiration to a numerous innocent as well as strong woman in the society. KWW is happy for celebrating 2021’s women’s day with her and honoring her with kovaiwonderwoman year award 2021 as a part of celebrating womanhood.

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