She never dreamed of success , she worked for it

I am a psychologist, International Life Transformation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Singer, Author, Happiness Addict and a crazy mommy” says the wonder woman Manjoo Shree. An angel who brings happiness to life is she. Her mission is to guide people to “live life when alive” She hosts talk shows and delivers speeches and makes people realize that the life given to them is a gift. Her words make people realize that the life which they live now is still a dream for millions .Being an International Life Transformation Coach, her works portray “There is no path to happiness, Happiness is the path”. Music is the best therapy. Music makes magic which the words can’t do . She always finds a way to include music in her session, Books are uniquely portable magic. Her book “ Life Parachute””In Life Parachute, Manjoo Shree shows you how you can rediscover your purpose, reframe your obstacles and reclaim your life. This interactive book is a guide that will help you to navigate the twists and turns of life smoothly and land safely. We lose ourselves in her book and find ourselves there too. Manjoo Shree mothered a community called “Lifeolicious”. It insists that feminism is every woman in spite of how and who she is, can make wonders. If a woman is aware of her strength she can tackle almost all obstacles in her life. Many give up because they themselves don’t know what their true potential is. Life wasn’t easy for this wonder woman too . When dealing with hard days of her life, she thought if a psychologist doesn’t know how to deal with issues then what about innocent women who come across innumerable struggles everyday. As a result of her thought process the community “Lifeolicious” Lifeolicious took birth. She didn’t only choose to live her life to the fullest but also to gift her life. She chose to gift her life to 8 people. She urges millions of people to gift their lives through organ donation . Angels bring life lasting happiness but this cherishing angel brings never ending happiness. She wants everyone to be remembered for the life they lived and the life they gave . Not only this, one who is mentored by her is filled with unimaginable positivity that they in turn are ready to mentor the distressed. Then, truly she is an angel. In this lockdown she completed five excellent certifications and awarded with the certificates of Conscious Parenting Mastery, The Longevity Blueprint, Speak and Inspire, Money EQ and the certificate of publication proudly presented to her for being co-author in “Change We Believe In”. “ Life today like there is no tomorrow. You haven’t apologized ? Do it ! You haven’t thanked someone? Please do it ! You are yet to start a self growth regime ? It’s never too late to start ! .” are her golden words which are soul Inspiring.After eye opening sessions, life took a good turn for many people. They started living life . She always does and makes people choose happiness and mental health which is very essential to live the life in the way it has to be lived. KWW takes up the utmost privilege in honouring the ever smiling wonder woman Manjoo Shree. 

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CategoriesKWW 2K20 Awards​


Every Woman’s Success is an Inspiration to Another”!! Kovai Wonder Woman Presents KOVAI WONDER WOMAN 2020 Award to Ms.MANONMANI –…

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