Need is the mother invention

But here our Wonder Woman has turned her motherly instinct to a revolutionary work in organic farming!

Ms. Dhivya Vasudevan @drdhivyavasudevan @dhifoundation, hailing from a agricultural family in Erode, and a fashion designer by qualification, went through an eye opening phase of her life when she got to know that pesticides of food gets fed to baby through breast milk! That’s when the importance of organic farming dawned in her and ‘Agro green bio life’ came into act !

Her scope of activities seems boundless, however, currently about 2200 acres of farming land has been converted to organic under her consultation! Limitlessly, her women managed organisation, gives solutions to agrarian distress and counselling to farmers regarding conversion to organic farming!

Her field study has turned to be an must wanted eye opener of the hour which studied the student community. Younger generation, even though they hail from agricultural family hesitate to take up agriculture as a profession.

Now, Ms. Dhivya is in the road striving to establish agriculture as an industry for which she has approached Educational minister and schools to impart agriculture as subject right from Grade 1 and has successfully imparted Agriculture as a weekly once subject in two schools !

KWW observes highest respect and honours this amazing need of the hour eye opener!

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