Smallest spark can lit a dream big

Two women, Anu and Sarvina, while cherishing their children’s moments through photography, sparked to start this very activity as their own venture! As always, passion driven by hard work and support, now we have a very successful woman entrepreneurial ‘Baby Trails’ BabyTrails Photography photography studio!

When asked, “ How come two woman, without any male support, and with the same vibe of work culture can run a business to this extent ?”. For which both charmingly answers, ”Working with a woman became a boon once we both sorted out each other’s positives and negatives! And we both are quite blessed to find a business partner with the same vibe!” A woman backing another woman in each other’s journey is what this duo’s secret of success is!

“The most cherished photograph in this world is that of an innocent smile of a child, it is still more beautiful/(a treasure) if the child is yours!!!” is the portrayal of them .BabyTrails Photography by the wonder woman duo specializes in capturing such beautiful smiles of little ones who make the couple’s life complete and make it exceptional. Be it a candid moment or a themed photoshoot, they capture the everlasting memories in the best way. They craft and make the magic of childhood an everlasting one.

They are the best in capturing the beauty of life. They don’t shoot what it looks like, they shoot what it feels like. Feeling of a new mom who has made their family complete is captured in its most beautiful form by the wonderful combo of two dazzling women. During the postpartum of delivery, a new mother experiences both heaven and hell. The wonderful photography of their little ones by these two wonder women is of a great warmth to them. Not only to the new parents but also to the buds, BabyTrails give the best gifts of capturing precious moments.

They capture the best images that retain their strength and impact over years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed. They are truly an inspiration. Two strong women worked together, struggled together, shared together, worked out on the difference of opinions together and came out with flying colours. The most beautiful part of it is they compliment each other as beautifully as any woman could compliment. They believe that is the secret behind their success.

A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to nurture, create and transform. This combo of blissful women is proving it. We feel encouraged to highlight this duo of Wonder Women. KWW takes up the utmost pride in honouring these two wonderful women with the “Wonder Woman” Award !

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