Yes women are absolute Angels who cares for other rather than herself

Ms.Ramya ( Mechanical Engineer) is truly a great inspiration to all the women out there who are with abundant winning thirst. She has moved everything that is in between her and success. From the age of 15 she is notable sportsperson. She thankfully reminds her school teachers and mentions them as the reason behind what she is today. Having backed several medals and trophies in short put, discus and javelin throw, she works in a sports based company. Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, heart, talent and guts ‘ that is what she is made of. She wants all the women to make some time for themselves. “Yes, women are absolute Angels who cares for other rather than herself and it is completely her choice but they want to do something for themselves as well” says the inspiring Wonder woman. KWW takes up the honour of presenting her Kovai wonder woman Year Award 2021.

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